Vincent Eschalier

Vincent Eschalier - France

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Vincent Eschalier was raised in France and the UK, and has completed his architecture training in France, the US, and Spain. Studio Vincent Eschalier was founded in 2009 in Paris and has grown since into a thriving team of twenty architects and interior designers from diverse backgrounds. The firm has a broad spectrum of activity, ranging from Parisian brasseries to high-end office buildings, from private jet interiors to wineries, chalets, apartment buildings, and hotels. Generous spaces, radical choices, and an obsession for detail constitute the firm’s signature on many creations. For Vincent, the aim is always to design and build the best project with the best team. “We are lucky to be surrounded by passionate clients, designers, engineers, and contractors,” are words that are often heard at their office. Studio Vincent Eschalier has received several prizes for a deep refurbishing of an office building in the heart of Paris (the «Vivienne» project) and for several housing projects in and around Paris, amongst others.

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