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Victoria Migliore - France

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Victoria is a French architect and founder of Atelier Victoria Migliore which has been developing in Paris the practice of architecture for 8 years, working on projects ranging from the scale of the individual to homes and intimate spaces. These projects originate from the client's imagination. Emotion, despite its intangibility is a necessity and the vehicle for her, allowing the transition from pure construction to architecture. Emotion, even though it is obviously difficult to qualify it as a 'public good,' can be the source of a shared vision and thus approached from the perspective of collective perception.Emotion through exchanges, through respect for the 'already there,' allows the redirection of preferences in a dynamic society inclined towards the consumable and ephemeral, towards enduring, evolving, and efficient architecture. The architectural response to society is to organize life and create emotion, in a continuum where construction must remain enduring with a reasoned and supportive way of life.Emotion is omnipresent in the genesis and execution of projects: Emotion through materiality, Emotion through weightlessness, Emotion through gentleness. The architect's mission is to unite, to create an atmosphere of knowledge sharing for a common purpose, a unique project.

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