20517-NED-Hoogerheide Sven

Sven Hoogerheide - The Netherlands

Sven is a Dutch architect who studied at the Delft University of Technology and the Technische Universität Berlin. He gained experience working at architectural firms in the Netherlands and Colombia, such as VMX Architects, space&matter, and Shift Architecture Urbanism.In 2020, he advanced his career by becoming the director of TALLER NL at TALLER Architects, a firm celebrated for its award-winning design solutions that aim to make a positive global impact. TALLER is actively broadening its international reach, undertaking a variety of architectural and territorial projects across Colombia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Italy, and China.The transcultural background of the company has enabled Sven to engage with cities, partners and people worldwide and to contribute to design and research initiatives on a wider spectrum of social, cultural, and political subjects. Opening new doors for creativity and challenging the status quo.

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