Rui Dinis

Rui Dinis - Portugal

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Rui Dinis he was born in 1981. As an architect he formed in the Faculty of Architecture and Arts of the University "Lusíada" (2000-2006). He worked with the architect António Belém Lima between 2006 and 2007 where he was the project manager of some projects. In parallel to this professional activity, he participated in some competitions of ideas and then he founded Spaceworkers in 2007 with his two partners: Henrique Marques and Carla Duarte. Since then, he works as Project Director of this office, participating in lots of public and private projects with various functional programs. Spaceworkers is an architecture and design studio located in Paredes, northern Portugal, founded by the current creative directors Henrique Marques and Rui Dinis and its financial director Carla Duarte. The atelier bases its practice on exploring and constantly seeking new paradigms of contemporary architecture in order to achieve a close relationship between form and emotions. The work of the studio reflects the pragmatic vision with which it faces the challenges and the critical spirit with which it evaluates the context that surrounds it, appealing to the sensitivity of its clients for a new way of looking and perceiving space in its sensorial dimension. They have won many awards for their outstanding work.

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