Romain Brochard

Romain Brochard – France

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Ylé produces architecture and urban planning through a creative and committed perspective since 2018. the architect’s practice is defined by the way we care for materials and results in unique, sensitive, and always contextual buildings.We constantly aim for locally extracted materials and their very limited transformation. the architect’s love for their natural beauty and performance is inherent in the material itself. This approach leads to haptic buildings, built of raw earth, natural stone, brick, wood, or lime.Our work is founded upon the value we attach to the health and well-being of users and inhabitants. This implies on the one hand a sustainable an hight quality design, and on the other hand the search for a natural harmony.One of Ylé’s great strengths is the accumulated knowledge through its research centre, particularly on the ecological impact of local materials and on ecology through heritage. Recognized for its commitments, Ylé integrates this knowledge into the design of all its projects.

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