Przemyslaw Kolodziej

Przemyslaw Kolodziej – Poland

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Przemyslaw Kolodziej, an architect born in Poland (1984), graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, Wroclaw University of Technology in 2011. During his professional practice, he has worked in international London architectural studios (Benoy, Urban Systems, Flanagan Lawrence) on complex large-scale public buildings, performing arts, office and residential schemes in Europe, China, United Arab Emirates, and the USA. He currently runs his international practice - Kolodziej Architects.In the course of his practice, he has won international competitions and received numerous awards:• Szczecin Summer Theatre (SARP international competition 2015 - 1st prize)• Szczecin Summer Theatre (Best Public Space in Poland - Property Design Awards 2023 - 1st prize)• Szczecin Summer Theatre- Best Public Space, (SARP Annual Award 2023 – shortlisted)• Fryderyk Chopin Centre (SARP International Competition 2018 – shortlisted)• Pomeranian Philharmonic Redevelopment (SARP International Competition 2020 – shortlisted)• Ross Pavilion (2017 international competition – shortlisted)• Halle St Peters Extension (RIBA competition 2016 – shortlisted)• RIBA Silver Medal (RIBA student competition 2011 - best thesis - presented at the exhibition).His design focuses on combining the three fundamental elements that make a contemporary, dynamic city: energy, infrastructure and culture. The designed buildings based on the core principle of being the extensions of public spaces to engage users. A multifaceted analysis of users’ needs leads to attractive visual landscapes while their form serves functional side of the projects. His projects use the state - art structural design and new building materials to reduce the environmental impact.’In the architect’s projects The architect seek new forms of manifestation for what we might call city-making. We live in an age of constant change, where part of the architect’s lives is digital and the environment in which we live and reside is entirely analogue. This forms and influences us. the architect’s projects are an attempt to give a poetic framework to the architect’s lives, to create a new quality of life in the city.’

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