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Pierre Ledoux - France

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Pierre is a French architect who graduated from Nantes National Superior School of Architecture, Pierre Ledoux, Etienne Magueres and Fanny Perrot founded the Vendredi Architecture & Urbanism agency in 2014 in Nantes. Three young architects, Gabrielle Dumanowski, Jeanne Maufra and Blanche Meinen, soon joined the agency to bring support to the team.They make life quality for all a priority, particularly through numerous social housing projects.They are committed to sustainability at all scales in response to climate emergency, through housing, office, facilities, neighborhood developments and urban studies.They prioritize urban renewal projects over new construction by optimizing land, intensifying cities and villages rather than extending ; rehabilitation and vertical adding rather than demolition.They prefer bioclimatic over technological solutions and fight for the use of low-carbon materials: wood construction, reuse, vegetal or recycled insulation, raw earth… while working with tight budgets.They integrate nature significantly into our projects to promote biodiversity and connections between built spaces, people and the living world.They defend a contextual approach that reinterpret vernacular, heritage codes, local materials and craftsmanship for projects rooted in their territory.

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