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Pierre-Arnaud Descotes - France

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Pierre-Arnaud Descôtes, native of Champagne countryside, studied at the universities of Paris-la-Villette and IUAV di Venezia. He finished his training at Marne-la-Vallée University, qualifying as an architect in 2015 and completed his training by a post master’s degree in architecture, landscape, and city planning. Having worked for several practices in France and abroad he established his own practice in 2018 in Paris, operating in the fields of architecture, landscape and territory.“I seek to design thoughtful spaces that enrich the daily life of those who occupy them and the environment in which they are built. I am interested in composition, assembly and detail. To scenography, light and material. To the possibilities of evolution of places, their uses and appropriation in the future. I try to develop a deeply explorative design methodology, where generosity, freedom and experimentation hold a fundamental place. Where economy of means and eco-responsible resources are the manifestos of a new constructive frugality. I consider architecture as a sensitive practice at the crossroad of arts and uses, seeing value in the ordinary sublimated. I believe in pragmatic thinking focused on the territory and attention to the others, to nature, to the landscape and to the community. I believe in culture of “build well”, as an inseparable value to living a qualitative and enriching life”, states Pierre-Arnaud Descôtes.

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