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PABLO PITA is an architecture studio created by Pablo Rebelo (1983) and Pedro Pita (1983) in 2010, both graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto.They have developed their practice between local commissions, mostly related to the housing theme, and simultaneously larger-scale projects in various competitions, exploring diverse themes in the discipline of architecture. They collected several award-winning entries both in international and national competitions. Among them is the 1st Prize for the Badel Block in Zagreb, and the 1st Prize in the Porto Mechanized Pedestrian Paths. Also awarded were the 2nd Prize in the Porto Bus Terminal, the 2nd Prize in the Abrantes Market, and prizes for several housing competitions in Portugal. They won an Honorable Mention for the New Aarhus School of Architecture Competition in Denmark.In 2017, they were distinguished by the British magazine Wallpaper as one of the 20 emerging studios internationally. In 2022 they were included in the “Emerging European Practices” by New Generations.

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