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Öznur Pınar Çer - Turkey

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Öznur is a Turkish architect and the internationally award-winning founding principal of MASK architects in Italy. Beginning her career in 2016, Öznur served as one of three lead architects for the prestigious "Istanbul International Airport Project" at Tabanlıoğlu Architects. Since commencing her studies in 2013, Öznur has cultivated the brand and identity of 'MASK architects', which she officially founded with her partner in Italy in 2020. Together, they have established MASK architects as a prominent firm in architecture and industrial design, catering to a diverse clientele globally.In her role as lead architect, Öznur has spearheaded multiple award-winning international architectural competitions. Notably, her "Oasys+System" modular palm structure was among the ten winners in the "Cool Abu Dhabi Challenge" from over 1,500 participants. She also claimed the top prize at the World Architecture Community Awards 29th cycle for her "Kırşehir Automobile & Aeroplane Museum" project, while her "Seoul Photography and Art Museum" received acclaim as "one of the best Museums of the Year" in Turkey by the UNIMUZED 2021 International University Museum Association Platform.Öznur's visionary project, the Baobab Luxury Safari Resort—an eco-tourism safari resort in Africa that produces water from air—earned her the Golden Trezzini Award in 2023. Furthermore, MASK architects gained global recognition, named among the "BEST 100" architecture and design firms by the Kyoto Design Awards and Global Sustainable Association. Their project "Eagle Mansion Signature Villa," designed for the founder of EMAAR, Mohamed Ali Alabbar, received the prestigious FUTURE HOUSE® International Residential Award for 2023 and was a finalist in the Signature Villa competition organized by EMAAR Misr, MASK architects was also listed among the "30 Best Architecture Firms" in Italy by Architizer in 2024.

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