20109-AUT-Oliver Gerner

Oliver Gerner - Austria

Oliver is an Austrian architect who joined GERNER GERNER PLUS in 2015 after working in different international offices like 3XN in Denmark. Oliver became a partner in 2018 and is responsible for competitions and business development. He became an architect by Austrian law in 2023 after passing his civil engineering exam.GERNER GERNER PLUS. stands for unusual solutions and sophisticated spatial continuums with often spectacular views. They develop their buildings in intensive consultation with the client and the location. In addition to the focus on residential construction, the office's range of construction tasks now includes wineries, commercial and industrial buildings, social and health centers with innovative programs, headquarters of numerous company headquarters and renovations - such as the general renovation of Vienna subway stations.GERNER GERNER PLUS. was founded by Gerda Maria and Andreas Gerner and is currently led by Gerda Maria Gerner, Andreas Gerner, Oliver Gerner, Julia Haranza, Matthias Bresseleers and Urška Vratarič.“Human interaction shapes the spaces we shape - and how we work.”

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