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Nicolas Sisto was born and raised in the Alps before opening his studio in Paris where he is now based. As a teenager he started to take pictures of urban life and street art, as well as pictures of ruins during trips to Mediterranean Sea. After teaching development in the dark room for two years, he started architecture studies where he discovered the work from the Swiss and Japanese architects linked to the critical regionalism movement. He created Sisto Studios Architects in 2012 in Paris and in tandem he started to receive commissions as a fashion photographer. His first projects are strongly influenced by the regionalism of Paris. Specialising first in the renovation process and then into constructions, the studio has developed a creative process in reaction of the actual tendencies. Instead of working on an addition of elements, the studio created the statement of subtraction as a protest of the common way of creating decorative architectures and interiors. An aesthetic process as well as ethically conscious: using less materials, choosing them in a carbon-less responsible process and set in a timeless design.

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