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Nicolas Beyret - France

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Nicolas is a French architect and together with Paul Jaquet and Jean-Rémy Dostes are the founders of Hame. Based in Paris, Hame is a design, research, and consulting agency with over a decade long experience in effectively leveraging the diverse skills of its founding members in architecture, urban planning, and heritage. Hame promotes a holistic, rigorous vision that tackles modern societal challenges with precision.For Hame, the existing context, history, and poetic essence of a place, alongside economic and regulatory constraints, serve as the raw materials for a bespoke, technically proficient, and sensual narrative. In its ceaseless quest to find the right note of a site, Hame endeavors to reveal the inherently authentic potential of each site by crafting distinctive and effective solutions.The agency draws upon its founders' decade-long experience gained from leading Parisian firms to provide comprehensive support to its clients, and to ensure projects serve both people and the urban landscape. Committed to collaborating with local authorities, real estate developers, businesses, and private clients, Hame tailors its approach to offer each client a comprehensive perspective as well as specialized expertise.

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