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Nicola Pavan - Italy

Nicola is an Italian architect and co-founder of studio 120 grammi :: laboratorio di architettura. In 2010 graduated in architecture at Università IUAV di Venezia where he collaborated as teaching assistant in architectural design courses until 2020, and as researcher between 2015-2016.In 2013 he co-founded with Carlo Pavan the studio 120 grammi :: laboratorio di architettura. The stylistic signature of the studio is the result of a curatorial approach to the project: 120 grammi researches, builds and narrates contents capable of triggering and accompanying transformation processes.The studio works transversally on different design scales, from installations to urban regeneration strategies. 120 grammi works on the interactions between people and places as the foundation of the project. The firm has received several awards and recognitions for its work both in Italy and abroad.

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