Michiel Van Driessche The Netherlands

Michiel Van Driessche - The Netherlands

Michiel Van Driessche founded Felixx Landscape Architects & Planners in 2014 with two partners, Marnix Vink and Deborah Lambert. Eight years ago when the three of them set up shop and invented Felixx they were inspired to use their skills and talents to address the urgent environmental and social problems. Already then, everyone was talking about the potential of landscape architecture to address these problems, its value was established rhetorically but they felt the need to act: build, demonstrate its potential through action. Now, the office matured and together with 35 people they are realizing multifunctional environments all around the world.“Historically, landscape architecture was about turning nature into cultivated landscapes. Currently we are confronted with a tidal wave of climate change related challenges; long draughts, heavy rains, decreasing biodiversity, and rising seawater levels. This new reality requires us to reverse our violent relationship with nature into a partnership. A paradigm shift: from fighting against nature towards working with nature - unearthing the elements and returning cultured landscapes back to nature.  Landscape architects have a key role in the process of articulating this new relationship between cities, people, and nature,” states the architect.

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