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mfa - Mélaine Ferré Architecture – was founded in 2012 in Nantes, with the deep-hearted view of encompassing the global impact of each project. The architecture we design and execute is not a frozen drawing but aims to build things with a constantly evolving nature.Being acutely aware of the responsibility we bear towards future generations. the architect’s research sets its foundations on the concept of frugality : bioclimatic principles, bio-based materials, wooden or prefabricated structures, low-tech - sobriety of maintenance, choice of renewable energies, control of the carbon impact, and local partnerships.mfa has been distinguished with several awards since its inception: W Prize 2012, Europan 2013, Algeco 2016, Young Architects and Landscapers from the Loire Valley (JAPL) 2016, French National Wood Prize 2016, AVivre Renovation Prize 2021.mfa has supported the development of a broad spectrum of programs across all sizes (housing, town planning, offices, equipment) and building evolutions (e.g., remodeling, extension). We are craftsmen at heart and are committed to remain so, willing to keep on reinventing the architect’s ways of tackling every new project as an entirely novel and singular one.Mélaine Ferré, mfa founder, is also teaching architecture at Schools of architecture and Engineering (ENSA Nantes / Centrale Nantes) and regularly participates in round tables and juries.

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