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Maxime Bergeret - France

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Maxime is a French architect and co-founder of Bancaù Architectes. The name comes from the meeting of three architects, Gaël, Marion and Maxime, with several backgrounds and experiences, who came together around a sensitive and artisanal approach to the profession. Established in Nice since 2019, we are influenced and aware of what constitutes our territory of intervention. Their architectural language addresses landscape, climate, history, atmosphere, or knowledge. The first mission of the architectural project is precisely to achieve harmony between the environment, the construction, and the precise location where the construction is located while fulfilling the mission entrusted to it. A detailed analysis of the territory, its issues, and resources, is the starting point of the reflection.The choice of construction materials, always at the center of said reflections, appears right from the first few sketches, and clearly influence the architecture throughout the explorations. The choices are systematically oriented towards natural, raw, bio-sourced, recyclable, or recycled materials, and where resources are as local as possible. The office works on a rational design of buildings, based on simple and effective processes putting the future resident at the center of the discussions. The result must speak of sustainability, comfort, and generosity without exceeding needs.The intention is to put the use of elementary artisanal principles, sometimes forgotten, at the center of our concerns, by re-interpreting them in a logic of constructive ethics. Ventilation and natural light, passive cooling, thermal inertia of materials, maintenance of materials, etc. are all tools that make it possible to reduce energy consumption to the strict minimum, while ensuring optimal comfort…. Once again, we are seeking constructive common sense. Due to our desire to reconnect with an artisanal approach, we experiment, touch everything, and bring projects to life by manufacturing sensitive models, careful hand-bound notebooks, and furniture.

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