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María Teresa Sánchez Táboas - Spain

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María Teresa is a Spanish architect and founder of Gramática Arquitectónica. She graduated from the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid ETSAM (2014). For a year, she studied at IIT Chicago, where her project "New Library for the IIT" with Professor Sou Fujimoto was chosen for the Open House Exhibition and was awarded the Dean's List. Upon her return from Chicago, she resides at the FAUP in Porto to deepen her knowledge of urban scale projects and architectural theory.Before founding Gramática Arquitectónica, she collaborated with César Portela's studio in Pontevedra, and with Creus e Carrasco in A Coruña. She also worked as an editor at Experimenta Magazine in Madrid and collaborated with Injuve in the rehabilitation of the Samhwasa temples in South Korea. In 2017, she founded Gramática Arquitectónica, a studio that ranges from wood stacking towers design to industrial warehouses, turning stories and atmospheres into objects and architecture.She was a lecturer at New Generations Festival 2022 at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome in order to introduce new solutions through innovative design and her work has been published in different national and international media, including the AV Spanish monography 2024, Galician Design Week and Ecosistemas.zip. She was chosen part of the Cohort of Respondents of AFFIRMATIONS at Columbia GSAPP curated by Andrés Jaque, Dean, an eight-month series of discussions to interrogate how to think the built environment.

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