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Maria Enescu - France

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Maria Enescu has graduated from the school of architecture in Paris Belleville in 2006. In 2010, she founded the studio SCHÉMAA with her partner Simon El Hage. The term “SCHEMA” corresponds to a drawing representing the key elements of a concept. Outlines and main points for understanding a project, this term represents a starting point but also a guideline to follow. More than a studio name, it reflects a way of designing architecture: A free and frank architecture making the understanding of an idea clear and immediate. Projects developed by SCHÉMAA reflect this search for radicalism. Sculpted by their environment and specific needs, they put forward strong and assumed ideas for the benefit of functionality and sensitive experiences, this conceptual approach associated with a fine work of details, materials, and atmospheres, reflects the rigor and the architectural requirement carried by SCHÉMAA. The approach of SCHÉMAA Studio is always optimistic and responsible, aims to find the right balance between the rational & the sensitive between integration and creation with the ambition of improving the built environment.

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