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Loïc Parmentier - France

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Loïc is a French architect. He graduated in 2010 in Clermont-Ferrand.He immediately joined the architecture and town planning agency Obras architects. The study themes are extremely rich and varied and the level of requirements is high. Architectural theories and practices are part of the agency's daily life, the research and teaching dimension is omnipresent.At the same time, he embarked on a personal project to renovate a self-built farmhouse to the west of Lyon. This project is a playground conducive to multiple experiments with architectural devices. Besides he felt that it was necessary to keep in touch with teaching and in 2012 joined the teaching team at the Clermont-Ferrand architecture school. He will become a lecturer in 2023 at the Lyon School of Architecture.Three years after leaving school, Loïc Parmentier founded, in 2014, the Atelier de Montrottier in the small rural town of Monts du Lyonnais, where he grew up.Today, nine permanent collaborator-architects have joined the workshop, including Frédéric Babe, associate architect and co-director since 2020.L’Atelier de Montrottier practices generalist and “open window” architecture, extremely sensitive to the public dimension of architecture. Its production is accessible and comprehensive of the issues specific to territories on the fringes of large metropolises. The workshop is voluntarily committed to a great versatility of programs and scales approached (urban planning, architecture and public spaces).“We consider that we play a significant role in the crises we are experiencing. The workshop naturally cultivates a pragmatic and frugal approach, adapted to the rural context marked by varied needs and very limited resources. This approach intrinsically constitutes a rich source of experimentation and innovation”.

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