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Laure Gahery - France

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Laure Gahéry is a founding partner architect of the Office Zola agency. The agency was born from the meeting of Laure Gahéry and Édouard Guyard in 2009 at the Higher Technical School of Architecture, University of Granada.  After leading the development and realization of projects for several years during separate professional careers in Rennes and Paris they founded the Office Zola Architectes agency in Nantes in 2018. Established on complementary experiences, whether in terms of scale or diversity of programs (equipment, offices, housing, shops, etc.). Office Zola works on all types of projects. The agency is committed to testing construction and has a major interest in architectural detail and architectural drawing, the bases for mastering a quality implementation. The ambition is to build unique buildings with a timeless formal expression, respectful of their environment and designed to serve users. Office Zola claims a fortunate radicality for each project a fine attention to the context to the durability, the choices of the constructive systems and to the details of assemblies. The act of building is approached with care and precision, in a perpetual search to widen the field of possibilities.

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