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Konrad is a Polish architect who comes from a family of architects where tradition was passed down from father to son. He received his initial training alongside his father architect Janusz Loesch, collaborating with his brother Przemyslaw. For the past 15 years he has been creating commercial projects with a focus on the best experience. He specialises in the design of high-end hotels, offices and residential. He prepares Investors for a new project by introducing them to the options and opportunities of working with architects.The loesch+partners is a studio created by architects with passion and a desire to create the best solutions. The studio's guiding motto is "bespoke architecture". Like an excellent tailor, we create unique architectural works tailored to the needs and expectations of our clients. Our close cooperation with the client allows us to tailor both the form and the function as well as the technical solutions to meet the often demanding requirements of contemporary architecture. As one of the few architectural practices, we are closely involved with our clients from the selection of the site to the commissioning of the building, taking care of every detail.We create complex analytical models to facilitate investment decisions, based on basic data input by clients and taking into account economic and social realities and Big Data.A graduate of the Executive MBA programme at the University of Connecticut and the Cracow University of Technology.

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