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Ignacio Merino Rivero - Spain

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Ignacio is a Spanish architect who graduated with honors in 2011 and co-founded FLOW81. In 2011 he was offered a scholarship to work in Norman Foster Office which he rejected. Ignacio always wanted to create his own designs and work for myself. At the beginning it was tough, he had to push hard every day and never lost focus, every project, even the small ones, are important and need to be designed as the most important one. So, he did his first project. Then, with other three architect friends they created FLOW81.The philosophy of Flow81 is to let the architecture flow in the environment. They think that every building must be different because every location and plot is different. The team works with passive architecture and to design they take care a lot about the topography of the plot, the nature, winds, orientation, materials, culture… the environment shapes the building and not the building the environment.Now the architects hold an architecture office of 16 workers and all their projects are different, but they have something in common, integration in the location. The goal is to design and to push hard to be a reference in the world of architecture.

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