Hugo Maffre

Hugo Maffre – France

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parages is an architecture and urban planning office created in 2021 based in Paris and Brittany bringing together three partners: Bertrand Etienne Le Personnic, Yannis Fremont Marinopoulos and Hugo Maffre.parages strives to maintain a shape-shifting practice of architecture by working on various programs and scales.Collective housing, cultural or sport infrastructure, through design or individual houses are among projects that enrich the steady thinking of the team. The studio is taking part to the competition for the museum of Prehistory in Carnac and has just won the competition for building 75 bio-sourced collective units in Bois-Guillaume.parages boasts a unique and local architecture in cohesion with its environment. This singularity requires a genuine assessment of the territorial and local environment in order to reveal the genius loci as regards landscape, climate or local materials and techniques which will eventually be reused in the project.parages designs a radical, long-lasting architecture committed to the future of the architect’s urban and rural areas. The assessment of societal fabric and changes of uses and functions is fundamental for the office, which systematically develops suitable and dynamic projects. The studio claims a design based on bio-sourced and energy-efficient materials to face ecological challenges of the future and build sustainable buildings.

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