19902-SWE-Magnusson Gustav

Gustav Magnusson - Sweden

Gustav is a Swedish architect of the third generation in a family of architects and journalists. He holds a master degree in spatial planning from BTH, Sweden and HCU, Germany. Further educated in intercultural communication, creative processes and leadership, he has solid experience of visionary, award-winning and international planning in early and complex phases.He leads master planning, strategies, teaches at universities, exhibits, writes, takes initiative and advises programs and boards. Inspired by his multi-locality, having lived in 7 countries, he is driven by a listening leadership beyond generalisations, towards an interdisciplinary social commitment, side by side. Where we create conscious, present choices, for the planet and people together in a non-hierarchical collaboration.He holds experiences from international architecture office across Europe and was during 10 years head of urban planning in the Nordics and managing R&D at the awarded French/Swedish architectural office Erik Giudice Architects. As the founder of the European urban practice For Elize he takes on visionary urban missions. In his recent book "Keynote Conversation" 2024, he interviews 100 high profile global experts, on the challenges, visions and action needed for our future cities. Concluding: Is it the future we are looking for or is it ourselves?

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