Guillaume de Moriser

Guillaume de Moriser  Switzerland

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Guillaume and Valentin founded their office in 2010 in Lausanne. Since then, it has evolved into a practice operating at the intersection of architecture, art and science. A strong identity has emerged from the first years of experimentation, leading to a committed architectural practice, anchored in the societal issues of the contemporary world.Whatever the scale, their approach is resolutely contextual, creating spaces that promote exchange, cohesion, and connection with the wider environment. They work on many scales and programs, from territorial projects to art installations and from industrial facilities to concert venues.They believe that a bright future is possible, notably through the decarbonisation of architecture, the development of knowledge around regenerative materials and territories of resources, and an open design process. This ambition affects urban space as well as workplaces and the domestic sphere.Constantly surrounded by specialists, they cultivate multidisciplinary work with engineers, philosophers, photographers, designers, artists, and scenographers. Thanks to the international friendships made during various workshops, trips and conferences, the office has been enriched by the different visions acquired from all over the world. Without borders or cultural barriers, skills are exchanged, developed, shared, and crystallized in the different projects.

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