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Frederico Roeber - Portugal

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Frederico is a Portuguese architect who, alongside his co-founders, established Hori-zonte office in Oporto. Hori-zonte office motto: “Nature is our driving force, and we want to use it to feel closer to it, even if within an urban context.” They believe that our cities need to be rethought to bring us a step closer to the climate goals envisioned by ongoing political agreements, such as the Paris Agreement 2030. It must start from a global and macro scale, redefining communities and smaller circuits before going on a singular basis.Hori-zonte's portfolio showcases their versatility, managing projects ranging from quaint residential buildings to extensive urban developments, and from gentle landscape interventions to the complex design of cultural and public institutions. A deep respect for nature underpins their approach, aspiring for future buildings to enhance biodiversity, promote health, and achieve net-zero emissions.Their design process is distinguished by a meticulous balance between planning, budgeting, and sustainability, employing cutting-edge tools like BIM and parametric design software. Each project is nurtured with personal attention, ensuring a coherent blend of functionality, texture, light, and warmth, reflecting the unique needs and aspirations of the community it serves. Buildings need to breathe, provide a healthy lifestyle to their inhabitants, and neutralize the biodiversity and emissions they yield with their presence. Fred's vision is clear: to create spaces that resonate with sustainability, innovation, and a profound connection to nature, paving the way for a harmonious and sustainable future.

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