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François Le Pivain - France

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François is a French architect and founding partner of SŌNE WORKSHOP alongside Kathy Khine, in collaboration with a network of long-term and international partners.Based in Paris and Yangon, SŌNE aims to shape the imaginaries and narratives carried by people and places, advocating for architecture that embraces sustainability through ecological, technical, and social lenses.Together with his partners, François Le Pivain favors off-track projects with strong cultural and social ambitions. Each project is therefore seen as a valuable opportunity to promote and preserve the singularity and diversity of cultural expressions embedded in physical and intangible territoriesAs the result of a South-North collaboration, inherently multicultural and intentionally interdisciplinary, the workshop is a space for experimentation, debate, and reflection. By exploring the margins and engaging with global peripheries, SŌNE aims to build shared narratives and develop spaces that embody both struggles and resilience. Working closely with communities, SŌNE also uses the tools of architecture to envision fertile spaces that foster transformation towards inclusive and sustainable cities.François Le Pivain is also involved in academic activities, currently teaching at ESA Paris (École Spéciale d'Architecture) and collaborating with ENSAVT (École d'architecture de la ville & des territoires Paris-Est).

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