Flavian Basile

Flavian Basile  Italy

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Flavian Basile is an Italian architect, who was born in 1985 in Benevento and graduated from Rome in 2011, founder of the engineering and architecture firm, Offtec Progetti.Offtec Progetti, founded in 2016, is a firm that operates in the field of civil engineering and architecture. The development of the company in design services, nationally and internationally, is consolidated by the strong spirit of aggregation between specific professional skills. Offtec’s operational structure is such that it allows the provision of a wide range of technical services in the various fields of engineering and architecture. The broad technical-managerial vision and professionalism of the architect’s teams have led to the growth of the group which is based on the continuous search for innovative solutions, constant comparison, professional updating of human resources, integration of interdisciplinary skills, and attention to the quality of services offered.After seven years since its foundation, Offtec, with its offices in Benevento, Milan, and Catania, now presents itself as a design laboratory, nationally and internationally recognized, engaged in both architecture and engineering. There are more than 300 projects drafted by the company involving designers and consultants for about 1 billion euros of works. Offtec represents an important opportunity to communicate a new way of designing, based on principles of sustainability and respect for the environment.

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