Fernando Mena Spain

Fernando Mena - Spain

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Academically trained at the Seville School of Architecture, he joined the Mena Arquitectos office in 2001, collaborating in the development of competitions and projects. He has participated in the Holcim chair in its "Architecture and sustainable development" program. Internationally, he has collaborated in different cooperation projects in Latin America and in the workshop "Fez. Contemporary fissures" workshop in Morocco. His obsessive and insistent concern to achieve the highest levels of quality in design has brought him unquestionable recognition in the sector, which has materialised in a wide demand for his services. This fact led him to found his own studio with Konstantino Tousidonis. His great capacity for social relations is perhaps one of the most outstanding facets of his marked personality, which allows him to make contact with the most disparate circles and sectors with ease. His work at the firm TOUSIDONIS ANISI has been catalogued in the 7th edition of the arquia/próxima program among 992 projects by architects with less than 10 years of qualifications from Spain and Portugal. Accessit in the category of YOUNG ARCHITECTS in the Architecture and Society Awards 2021 of the Architects' Association of Seville.

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