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Dimitri Roussel is the founder of the architectural practice DREAM. The office was created in 2018, and it gathers an international team of over 30 architects and creatives. Dimitri sees not only architecture as a social commitment, but also as a sustainable one. These commitments can be found in projects of various typologies and scales (housing, offices, hotels, sports facilities, mixed programs, ephemeral architecture). Dimitri is also attached to the working-class neighborhoods, where he grew up, and produces thoughtful projects in modest scale: it imagines lively places that encourage encounters and dialogue, particularly through sports. The practice favors a bioclimatic and passive design, associated with the use of low-carbon materials. Wood, from which Dimitri draws his creativity, is one of the solutions for a more responsible, sustainable, and healthy city. His current projects include Arboretum, the largest wood-structured office campus in Europe, located on the outskirts of Paris, and the Athletes' Village of Paris 2024.

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