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Can is a Turkish architect who graduated from METU Faculty of Architecture in 2007. He contributed to different projects in 'TAV Esenboğa Airport Construction', 'Uygur Architecture' and 'Emre Arolat Architecture' offices in his internships. In 2010, he completed his master's degree in the 'Bilgi University Architectural Design' program.During the program, he produced concept projects at different scales within 'Tabanlıoğlu Architects’. He won several awards in architecture competitions, which he saw as an important part of his professional practice. In addition to his role as an architectural studio coordinator at various universities, he gave courses on technical drawings and presentation techniques.He founded the company 'Tamirci Architects' in 2012 and continues his practice in his own office. At the same time, he undertakes the content production and moderation of the professional discussion series called 'Mimarsan Bilirsin 250' in cooperation with Arkitera Media Organisation.

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