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Benjamin Rocchi, after studying at the Strasbourg School of Architecture, successfully obtained his diploma as a DPLG architect in 2007 under the presidency of Professor Carl Fingeruth and under the direction of Dominique Coulon. He then joined Coulon's office. He had the opportunity to work on public facilities projects of various sizes and programs, located throughout France. As a partner of the agency from 2013, he contributed greatly to its development and its national and international influence. Most of the projects he has overseen, have won awards for their quality of use and execution, in particular the Human Rights Sports Centre in Strasbourg and the EHPAD and FAM in Orbec. He created Nara in April 2020 with Olivier Nicollas, also a former associate of Dominique Coulon. Recognized architects with a long-standing presence in the region, they wish to put their savoir-faire at the service of projects useful to the community. They started with building rehabilitations. To that end, they claim an approach characterized by the enhancement of the existing building as a whole: the concern to be at one with the original envelope through a deep study of its history, construction methods, craftsmanship and materials is a constant in their work. For this young office, the realization of this series of projects constituted a fertile ground for experimentation and creativity. Since architecture is intended to think about life in a territory as a whole - from its physical envelope to the social links - Nara desires to take part in the thinking process of the city, to propose through their realizations a political approach at its noblest sense. Architecture must become again a discipline focused on the facets of community life, allowing us to conceive a sustainable future for the incoming generations, respecting the living conditions of the majority.

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