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Audrey Lanne - France

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Audrey is a French architect and co-founder of Atelier Schall. Atelier Schall is an architectural firm led by three women architects: Audrey Lanne, Lucie Coursaget and Candice Picard. Their work focuses particularly on the theme of mobility in urban development, landscape, and territorial planning.They contribute to the establishment of public transportation networks throughout France, including underground tramway stations in Nice and Viroflay, metro stations such as "Les Gayeulles" on Line B in Rennes, "Oullins Centre" on Line B in Lyon, "Chelles" on Line 16 in Paris, and "Fort d’Aubervilliers" on Line 15 in Paris. They also work on railway stations like Haguenau and the first urban cable car project in Paris region (Créteil and Val de Marne): Cable 1.Atelier Schall is committed to designing projects with sober, harmonious architecture that is closely aligned with their contexts, aiming for a distinctive approach tailored to the unique dimensions and scales of each project. They prioritize the expression of sensitive dimensions in architecture as a way to foster sociability and community links while tackling contemporary ecological and economic challenges.

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