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Antoine Morizot - France

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Antoine is a French architect who graduated from ENSA Clermont-Ferrand and ANSA Paris la Villette.After a decade of experience in Parisian firms such as TOA, Reichen et Robert, Guy Vaughan, or Margot-Duclot, he decided to join A+A architects in Paris, initiating a transition with the founding partners.Today, the agency focuses on producing residential, institutional, and commercial buildings primarily in the Île-de-France region, but also in other areas such as Alsace and Brittany.“Coming from a highly urban background, my workplaces context at the heart of the creative process: our projects align with their neighborhoods rather than conforming to a predefined agency style. Without limitations on scale, I aim to undertake a project only if we can bring architectural value to it.He is comfortable transitioning between understated, minimalist architecture and bold, ambitious designs, depending on the needs of the city and its inhabitants.He enjoys textures, colors, and Skylines. I dislike privacy-screens, beige, and "déjà-vu".

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