Anna Merci

Anna Merci - Italy

Anna Merci, founder at Anna Merci Architecture, postgraduate Degree summa cum laude in Architecture at IUAV, in 2010 she received her Master’s degree in Sustainable Urban Design, and in 2013 she won the New Italian Blood Prize, which selects the top ten young Italian architects.Member of Renzo Piano G124, the Senator’s working group on Italian suburbs. Experienced works on various scales, from temporary installations to urban regeneration, she has developed a distinctive approach driven by the idea that architecture is a fundamental tool to deal with social, political, and environmental developments. She has won many international competitions, receiving awards and honors, and has participated in many exhibitions including La Triennale di Milano, La Biennale di Architettura di Venezia and WUHO Gallery, Los Angeles. In 2018 she won the Arquine N.20 International Competition for the Mextròpoli Pavilion 2018 in Mexico City, now permanently reconstructed in Huerto Roma Verde and included in the best Mexican Architecture of the XXI Century. She also works as a curator and editor, and deals with texts, conferences, and teaching, integrating educational groups at various Italian and foreign universities. She is currently working on “Follow Me!”, 33.180 square meters archaeological-ecological urban park in the historical context of Canosa di Puglia, south Italy. In 2021, she was selected among the best young European architects by the international jury of the YEA! Young European Architects award.

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