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Álvaro Moral García - Spain

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Álvaro is a Spanish architect born in 1989, graduated from ETSAVa in 2016. Ph.D. Architect since 2021 and has served as a Professor at the School of Architecture in Valladolid since 2018.In 2017 he founded MADE.V Arquitectos together with Daniel González and Eduardo Carazo, tackling projects that range from interior design and residential architecture to public works. He has received awards in both local and national architectural competitions, earning multiple honors. His projects have been featured and published in renowned print and digital media (such as METALOCUS, Diseño Interior, Tectónica, Veredes, Afasia…) and have won several awards (including XV BEAU, COACYLE Awards 2020 and 2022, COABU Awards 2021 and 2023).He is the author of " Obra Inacabada " and co-author of " Miradas Fragmentadas." He has also authored articles in books and journals (Springer, EGA, DisegnareCON, VLC, Disegno), and actively participated in conferences, talks, and papers at national and international congresses. Moreover, he has expanded his teaching to other prestigious national and international institutions, including the University of Salerno, the Polytechnic University of Turin, the University of Udine, and the School of Architecture in Navarra.

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