Alina Chereyskaya

Alina Chereyskaya - Russia

Alina Chereyskaya founded SA lab together with Stepan Kukharskiy. She is an architect and a computational designer who mixes architecture, IT, web development, and game design. Alina is keen to share knowledge through lectures, webinars, and workshops worldwide. In 2020, she co-initiated the online architectural festival – The event attracted more than 2700 listeners from 76 cities and 15 countries. SA lab is an up and coming company, focused on architecture in the digital age. SA lab works with different scales and typologies: From pavilions to city planning, from apps to videogames. By using the computational design, the company develops adaptive architecture that doesn’t have a final shape and easily reacts to any surroundings’ parameters, balancing between physical and virtual – it matters due to the highly digital world. The SA lab projects have been featured in a wide range of publications: CNN, Archdaily, Design Milk, Archinect, Dwell and have been awarded by Archilovers, ARCHIWOOD, etc.

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