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Ali Çalışkan - Turkey

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Ali is a Turkish architect and, he graduated in 2004 from Bursa Uludağ University.Throughout his student years, he won various awards, including first place in Archiprix Turkey. In his professional career, he continued to produce designs in national and international competitions, earning many awards, including four first-place awards.Between 2004 and 2020, he worked as a project captain and design group leader at Tabanlıoğlu Architecture. He contributed to a wide range of projects, from cultural buildings to sports complexes, mixed-use structures, residential blocks, office towers, and installation designs, many of which received national and international awards.In 2022, Ali Çalışkan founded GEOMIM and continued to develop projects of various scales and typologies. He was selected for the Arkitera Architecture of the Year 2023 award for his completed project, Caja By Maxx Royal. In addition to his professional work, he teaches at different universities in Turkey and participates in design studios. He has an interest in architectural photography and film, experimenting at the intersection of art, technology, and architecture.

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