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Alexandre Pavlidis - France

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Alexandre is a Greek-French architect and founder of OFFICE MUTO in 2018. Originally based in Paris, his practice is also active in Greece while he is currently teaching at ENSA Paris-Val de Seine. Graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL, Msc Arch), he also has been working with architects that formed his practice such as Rem Koolhaas at OMA, and David Chipperfield at DCA.OFFICE MUTO aims to create spaces that suggest action through the precise definition of the silent and ordinary elements of architecture to welcome the transient movements of life. An architecture that highlights the beauty of the banal and the beauty of nature. Rather than the over-expressive character of lots of contemporary creations, the studio aims to create an architecture that does not speak too much, spaces that are silent but implicit — full of meaning and potential — to inspire the life it contains.Whereas we live in an epoch of incessant change, the architects aim to use the inherent character of permanence in architecture to create buildings that can last and age to carry the luster of time as the fertile memory of a place and its inhabitants. Buildings that can become the durable guiding thread through which cities and society can evolve.

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