Alberto Figuccio

Alberto Figuccio  Italy

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S—AF is an architecture and urban planning firm founded by Alberto Figuccio in Geneva. Two-time winner of the prestigious Europan Suisse competition (E10 and E11), Alberto founded the Fil Rouge Architecture agency in 2010 and A&F architectes in 2018. Today, the activity of the S-AF office revolves around projects at different scales: the office works on eco-district projects in several municipalities in the cantons of Geneva and Vaud, as well as on public and private building construction projects in Switzerland. This is the recognition of our participation in many competitions in recent years.The practice of competition and the search for new and contextual project strategies is at the center of our daily work. Our working methodology is based on constant and shared experimentation within a group of specialists in order to provide a formal synthesis to complex issues. We develop each project with a long-term vision through multidisciplinary work, which allows our clients to benefit from cutting-edge expertise in the field of architecture, public space and urban planning.

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